Condominiums & Apartments

Serving Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati


We provide Condo and Apartment cleaning and sweeping in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky. Grit, gravel, and fine debris left behind from winter can wreak havoc on your pavement. Over time, this debris is ground into the pavement by passing vehicles, creating a wedge that breaks down the surface and creates additional surface problems.

Our Regenerative Air Sweepers blast a controlled force of air across the pavement to remove the fine debris that breaks down your pavement. These machines utilize a closed loop system that screens debris from the air stream without exhausting dust back into the surrounding area.

Removing fine debris on a regular basis will extend the life of your investment and save you asphalt repair costs down the road. A proactive sweeping program will extend the life of your pavement, decrease future repair costs, and give your property a clean look for an ideal first impression.