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Contract Sweepers Open House


Last Friday, April 22, 2016, Contract Sweepers & Equipment celebrated Earth Day by hosting an open house at our new Columbus headquarters. We opened our doors to friends, family, customers, vendors, and community leaders to showcase our new facility. We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us not only on Friday, but throughout our transformation as an organization.

Contract Sweepers & Equipment was founded on September 12, 1960, by Tom Maish and his family. Tom began the company with a new $10,000 sweeper and $2,500 in working capital. In 2004, we became an ESOP when the employees purchased the company from the Maish family. We'v evolved into a 100+ employee company that serves Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. We operate a full fleet of sweepers (some of which cost upwards of $275,000) out of multiple locations. Our new, $2,000,000 facility serves as a reaffirmation of our commitment to both the industry and the community we serve.

Please take a moment to check out some of our pictures from Friday's Open House. We hope everyone enjoyed our event as much as we did. We had a great time celebrating our new facility with you!


Happy Earth Day!


Contract Sweepers & Equipment would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! We pride ourselves on the work we do that improves the world we live in every day. While many people think of our work as mostly sweeping up garbage and large debris, our environmental impact reaches far beyond that. Take a few mijnutes today to watch this short video about how we make the world a cleaner place!

You can also check out our environmental impact page as well.



Spring Cleanups Are a Necessity


Most people don't think about what your pavement goes through during the winter: the snow just melts and rinses everything away when spring comes, right? Check out this article from Washington, DC about the debris and litter that is left behind after all the snow is gone and the warm weather comes around. “Most people think that stormwater is harmless but we forget to factor in all of the junk that gets picked up.”

See our Spring Cleanup information today!



Winter Walking Tips


Last month, we posted few tips to help you drive during the dangerous winter season. To compliment that advice, we'd like to give you a few more tips to keep you safe through ths winter. We've all heard of situations where someone slips and falls on the ice or snow, but these slips can be avoided by following a few simple precautions.

  • Take your time! Like all things winter-related, patience is key.
  • Pay attention to where you're going- You should always be aware of your surroundings, but it's even more important in the winter. Beware of icy patches and avoid places where others seem to be slipping.
  • Walk slowly over icy areas- though walking slowly may feel unnatural to many people, making sure you have proper traction with each step is pivotal.
  • Wear proper footwear- wearing boots with rough or textured soles will provide you with better grip.
  • Clean your shoes when you go inside- don't leave melting snow in the doorway for an unsuspecting victim.


New Salt Barn


As part of our new and improved operations at 2137 Parkwood Avenue, we've added a brand new salt barn! The new salt barn can hold over 1,000 tons of salt, ensuring we have enough to serve our customers all winter long.





Winter Driving Tips



Greetings from 2016! We hope everyone had a happy and joyous holiday season. What better way to kick off the new year than to remind everyone to stay safe out on the roads this winter! The harsh winter weather we've seen the past few years has been a bit delayed this season, but on the eve of our first substantial snowfall here in Columbus, we thought it best to provide you with some tips for safe winter driving, courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch.

The most important piece of advice we at Contract Sweepers & Equipment can give is for drivers to plan ahead for winter conditions. This includes:

            - Checking weather reports especially the night before a morning commute.

            - Taking the time to prepare your vehicle, including scraping ice off windshields.

            - Giving yourself enough time to arrive at your destination safely.

            - Driving slowly, giving yourself extra room to stop in the event of a skid.

            - Practicing patience: arriving at your destination safely is the most important part of the commute.


Feel free to share this with coworkers, family, and friends!


New Office Construction: Update 3


Another round of new photos to update you on our construction progress!






New Office Construction: Update 2


Here are some of the latest construction updates from our new headquarters at 2137 Parkwood Avenue!



New Office Construction


Contract Sweepers & Equipment will be moving our Columbus operations from our offices on Short Street in the Brewery District to our new home at 2137 Parkwood Avenue! We've been working hard to prepare our new offices and we'd like to share some of our contruction progress with you! We're excited for this next step for our organization and can't wait to be in our new home!



Huntington Street Sweeping


Our street sweeping program in the City of Huntington is now underway! After months of hard work planning how to best clean the streets of Huntington, West Virginia, our crews began what will be a three-year sweeping contract. We're excited by the opportunity to be involved in this public service for the city and we can't wait to update you on our progress!

Click here for more on this story!


Street Sweeper Truck Tune


Make sure you have time to check out this awesome video from Twenty Trucks, a YouTube channel developed by Jim Gardner of Hammershark Media. Inspired by his own kids' love for trucks, Jim made videos of short songs about different kinds of trucks, including this one about Street Sweepers! Know any kids who love trucks? Looking for a way to explain to children what it is street sweepers do? Show them this video!



Street & Surface Sweeping: A Stormwater BMP


Check out this article from the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center about street and surface sweeping as a stormwater BMP. "When dealing with stormwater pollution problems, sweeping should factor early in your management plan. In fact, 'vacuum sweeping' of paved surfaces is a required element of 'good housekeeping' practices for all Washington Industrial Stormwater General Permit holders."

For the entire article, please click this link to open the PDF. To learn more about how Contract Sweepers & Equipments keeps our environment clean, click here.


"Municipal Sweeping Across the U.S."


"Cleanly swept streets, roads, and highways can encourage community pride while at the same time acting to safeguard and sustain a healthy and thriving environment."

For more from North American Sweeper Magazine's June 2015 issue, including their article on "Municipal Sweeping Across the U.S.: Keeping America Beautiful, Safe, and Clean" (found on pp. 6-12), follow this link.


Check out this article from the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center about street and surface sweeping as a stormwater BMP! "When dealing with stormwater pollution problems, sweeping should factor early in your management plan. In fact, 'vacuum sweeping' of paved surfaces is a required element of 'good housekeeping' practices for all Washington Industrial Stormwater General Permit holders."

Why We Use Regenerative Air Sweepers


Have you ever wondered why Contract Sweepers & Equipment uses Regenerative Air Sweepers? Well this picture should go a long way to help explain that. Regenerative Air Sweepers are the best, most efficient sweepers available today and we know our customers deserve the best service and cleanest properties. If you have any questions how we can keep you and your property clean, don't hesitate to contact us or call our office at 614-221-7441 (for Columbus) and 513-577-7900 (for Cincinnati or Dayton)!


Ohio's "Move Over Law"


The Ohio Department of Transportation created this info sheet we think is especially relevant during National Work Zone Awareness Week. It concerns Ohio's "Move Over Law," which requires motorists to shift one lane over (or at the very lease slow down) when passing by any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road. 23 highway workers are killed by motorists in the U.S. every month. Please help us protect all workers who serve our public roadways!



National Work Zone Awareness Week


This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week! This year's theme - Expect the Unexpected - emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant and aware when traveling through work zones, especially as roadway construction season ramps up across the nation. As members of the service industry, we can't stress how important work zone safety is. This program, now in its 15th year, is supported by the Federal Highway Administration, American Traffic Safety Services Association, and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Be safe out there!


Protecting our Environment: Absorbent Pavement


Another article from Lucas Sullivan of the Columbus Dispatch about the City of Columbus's new investments to protect its rivers and streams from sewage overflows. Part of Mayor Michael Coleman's plan includes spending billions on stormwater management infrastructure, including absorbent and permeable pavement. As more and more municipalities and property owners move towards the growing pervious pavement trend, we wanted to remind everyone about sweeping's role in pervious pavement maintenance. As with all pavement surfaces, pervious pavement should be regularly maintainted and cleaned to prevent sediment and grit from entering the holes in the surface, clogging the pores and rendering the surface useless.

If you or someone you know has had issues cleaning their pervious surface, or if their pervious surface has reached a point where it no longer filters water, please contact us! Our Pervious Revjuvenation service will have your surface looking as good as new in no time!

For the full article from the Columbus Dispatch, click here.



The Secret Art of Street Sweeping


This article was from over a year ago, but we wanted to re-post it because it's full of great information about what street sweepers really do. Eric Jaffe's piece on the New York City Department of Sanitation takes an in-depth look at some of the things we in the industry have always known, but that outsiders seem to take for granted. Please give it a read if you're looking for more insight onto what goes on in the minds of people in our industry. Click here for the article!


How to Avoid Slips & Falls!


The following video includes some easy tips to remember to avoid slipping and falling on ice this winter. Stay safe and watch your step out there everybody! No reason to put yourself in danger the rest of the winter.

Click here for the Youtube video!


Sweeper Salesman Goes Recon on Theft Ring


The "Customer" described in the news clip is our very own Marcus Borgerding. Shortly after visiting with Costco management to discuss parking lot sweeping and snow removal services, Marcus did what any trained Contract Sweepers salesman is supposed to do- FOLLOW THE DIRT! While in his car making notes, Marcus noticed his Costco contacts chasing an alleged thief into the parking lot. After being told what had taken place, Marcus offered to follow and provide Costco, the Centerville Police, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol with vital information as to their whereabouts. 50 miles later, an out of state van with thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise was surrounded by authorities. Way to go Marcus!

Click here for the WHIO news clip! .


The Columbus Green Community Plan


Much of the work we do at Contract Sweepers & Equipment is concentrated on creating environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. As discussed thoroughly in our "Sweeping and the Environment" video, our services aren't just about cleaning up heavy dirt and debris: we take care of our environment.

Mayod Michael Coleman recently revealed the City of Columbus's third, 5-year sustainability plan in an effort to make the city greener. The latest plan includes proposals to mitigate stormwater runoff and incentivize innovative best management practices for managing stormwater.

Click here to view the entire Columbus Green Community Plan.




2014 Sweeper Summit


Contract Sweepers & Equipment was present once again at 1-800-Sweeper's Sweeper Summit in Chicago last week. It was great to share the room with industry leaders and executives to discuss the newest and best practices in the sweeping world!



Stormwater Magazine: Pervious Concrete


Contract Sweepers & Equipment is featured in Stormwater Magazine's latest issue! Follow the link to read more about our involvement cleaning pervious concrete and comments from CEO/President Gerry Kesselring about our experience and methods.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Yesterday, Contract Sweepers & Equipment was swept up in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Kevin McMahon, our Cincinnati Division Manager, was challenged by his wife and passed the challenge on to his brother Pat, sister-in-law Mary, nephew Kiernan, and Contract Sweepers & Equipment's very own CEO/President, Gerry Kesselring. Kevin utilized the help of David Fox and the Tymco DST-4 to complete his challenge.

Gerry was also put to this challenge by Carl Barton of Aardvark Sweeping Services. Gerry was joined by Phil Adornetto and Steve Qualls as he completed the challenge using a Tymco 210. Gerry challenged Mike Lucht of Progressive Sweeping Contractors and Mark Carter of Bill's Sweeping Service.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The ALS Association has raised $31.5 million in donations since July 29th. Last year during the same period, the ALS Association raised $1.9 million. The ALS Association has seen 637,527 new donors this year largely in thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Kevin's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Gerry's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

For more information on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, visit


Welcome to the New Website!


What better way to start off our blog than to welcome everyone to our new and improved website? We're hopeful that this website will make navigating our products and services much easier for all of our customers. It's been a long time coming, but we're really excited that it is finally completed and ready for you to enjoy.

If you're having any trouble finding anything or if you've got any  questions about our new layout, don't hesitate to ask! We're hoping there won't be much of a learning curve for our customers, but we want to make this transition as easy as possible for you all.

Again, we're really excited for this new site. From our beautiful homepage to our newly renovated Equipment pages and easier to navigate service pages, what's not to like?