a Pervious Rejuvenation - Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois


Pervious Concrete Rejuvenation

Serving Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati


We provide Pervious Concrete Rejuvenation all across the Midwest in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and elsewhere. Pervious concrete is perfect for protecting water quality in parking areas, residential streets, or pedestrian walkways. However, sand and sediment can clog pervious concrete over time, depleting its effectiveness until it no longer drains water. Our proprietary pervious concrete rejuvenation treatment will have your pervious concrete performing as good as new.

Our process has been tested and recommended by the Ohio Concrete Construction Association. Immediately after rejuvenation, even the heaviest of downpours will pass through your pervious concrete with ease.